2016-2017 Elected Windmiller Ponds Trustee Board Members

Returning Trustee Board Members are:  Andora Marshall and Ed Starr and newly elected is Terri McMurray.


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New 2013-2014 Windmiller Pond Trustees

At the annual Windmiller Pond Meeting held at Peace United Methodist Church on Diley Road, Pickerington, Ohio — board members were voted in.  Please welcome new board member Amy Merritt!

The board members for the 2013-2014 term for Windmiller Ponds are:

Amy Merritt,

Andora Marshall

Ed Starr

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Per email from David Dye, Windmiller Pond’s homeowner’s association attorney, the developer (Homestead) has elected not to proceed with the indoor soccer complex on Gray Drive.  The attorney for Homestead sent a letter of termination of its agreement with Pickerington and was delivered to the City of Pickerington attorney on Friday, April 5, 2013.

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Per the City of Pickerington the following trees will be planted in Spring, 2013, as follows:
Windmiller Ponds
900 Bogg Ct
926 McMunn St
932 McMunn St
941 McMunn St
948 McMunn St
983 McMunn St
972 Washington St
979 Washington St
983 Washington St
1004 Washington St

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To: Windmiller Pond Residents

From: OMNI

Re: Mailbox Color and Style

Dear Homeowners:

We believe it is necessary to send this letter to all home owners about the mailbox standards in our community. As you drive through the neighborhood, there are mailboxes that may not be the correct color or style and uniformity is mandatory in a deed restricted community. Many neighborhoods have associations and some are very strict and others are not. We as trustee members feel it is important to have the association and it is for the betterment of our neighborhood.

While we know that we cannot please everyone, we tried to make it as simple as possible and not vary from our deed restrictions.

1. Mailbox Type:

The deed restrictions state that all mailboxes and mailbox posts within the subdivision shall be of the same style and appearance as designated by the developer. The designated mailbox and post shall of the following models as supplied by Cedar Craft Products, Inc. of Blacklick, Ohio, or acceptable equivalents as approved by Grantor. Mailbox model is CMO-5 and post model number is CPO-2. You may contact Maggie at Cedar Craft at 759-1600.

2. Mailbox finish:

The deed does not state a particular color to paint or stain the mailbox; it only states it should be of like color as the original mailbox. The color that was provided to us by Cedar Craft when the community was first developed was left a natural cedar tone. As we can tell, cedar gets weathered, turns a grayish brown color and then eventually darkens up to the point that the woos starts breaking down if left unfinished. We wanted to find a solution that would keep with the original intent of the deed, but also take into account that many residents have stained them other tones. We need to stick with a neutral toned colors and we have decided on the following four (4) finishes which are ready available at the local Home Depot.

• Cream

• Black

• Gray

• White

Stains are available in various finishes –transparent, semi-transparent or solid color.

3. Time frame for compliance:

With the fall coming to an end and winter approaching, we are looking at giving a reasonable amount of time for anyone who needs to replace or paint their mailbox to come into compliance. As winter approaches the ground will start to freeze up and you will not be able to dig into the ground and we also considered the time for cedar craft to make and install. If you are out of compliance, please meet these dates:

• Paint color must be corrected by November 26, 2012.

• Mailbox must be replaced by January 31, 2013. If weather is an issue or Cedar Craft is behind schedule, provide OMNI a receipt of proof of purchase as this will suffice as you are correcting the issue. Also provide them a date of installation. If we have a mild winter, this should not be an issue.

There will always be someone who will not be happy with our decisions but we feel as if we have stuck to the deed restrictions as close as possible and are allowing colors that will provide some flexibility. We feel that this is in best interest of our neighborhood and hope that many of you understand our decisions. Please keep this for future reference.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Omni (877)-405-1089.

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All Windmiller Pond Residents:

Please plan to attend the Council Meeting on Wednesday, January 2nd at 7:30pm, located at City Hall, 100 Lockville Road, Pickerington, Ohio.This is our opportunity before the next Planning and Zoning meeting to make our concerns known to the City Council and Mayor regarding the proposed (NOT APPROVED) indoor soccer complex being constructed on Gray Drive (behind Metro Fitness).

OBJECTIVE: We need to make City Council aware that we expect the City of Pickerington to uphold their own building codes and NOT allow variances on this property.

Please note the indoor soccer complex that is being built has only ONE entrance and ONE exit both of which are on Gray Drive. There is NO EXIT OR ENTRANCE on Refugee Road. The City of Pickerington is estimating there will be over 100 cars per hour.  

Thank you for your participation. 

Windmiller Pond Trustees

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Update for October 20, 2012

Hello, Windmiller Pond Homeowners! We are posting an update to answer some of your questions.


We have received several inquiries about a new indoor soccer complex being built near our subdivision. At this time, we do not have much information.We have heard that the complex might be built on Gray and Windmiller Drive (behind Metro Fitness).   We know the land behind Metro Fitness is now owned by the City of Pickerington. To find out more information, an email note has been sent to the City of Pickerington as of 10/20/2012.


One homeowner has made an inquiry about starting a Neighborhood Block Watch program. It is our understanding that the City of Pickerington can provide such services but there are fees associated with their services. To get a better understanding and to determine fees, we have sent an email note to the City of Pickerington to find out what it would take to initiate a Neighborhood Block Watch.


In the month of September, the City of Pickerington adopted our subdivision for clean-up projects for a day. We had several items for clean-up that the City of Pickerington spent TWO DAYS doing various maintenance and clean-up tasks. We had hoped to have trees replaced but were unable to fit everything into those two days. An email note has been sent to the City of Pickerington to determine when tree replacement will be done. It most likely will be done in the spring of 2013.


It has been brought to our attention that many homeowner’s are not aware of deed restrictions within our and have expressed their opinions regarding mailbox and fence requirements. Before you build, change your fence, or landscaping, please read deed restrictions for our community. Please follow this link for a complete listing of deed restrictions: http://windmillerpondshoa.org/bylaws/

Thank you and happy Halloween! : )

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